Shelby and Dalton

Proposal Ideas Luke Bryan Concert - Ford Field

How We Met

The first time we laid eyes on each other was around Valentine’s Day in 2013 but, we didn’t actually meet until a week or two later.

I had gone to a house party with some friends and at the time I didn’t know it but, it was Dalton’s house. We didn’t have a chance to talk to, or even meet each other that night but, we definitely noticed each other :) Dalton found out who I was through our common friends and decided to reach out to me. We have been together ever since!

Shelby and Dalton's Engagement in Luke Bryan Concert - Ford Field

How They Asked

To give some background, Dalton and I have a song by Luke Bryan – ‘Play it Again’. It perfectly describes our relationship when we first started dating and has had meaning to us all these years. (I am also a big fan of Luke Bryan)

So Dalton took me to Luke Bryan’s Concert in October 2019, he had bought tickets in advance but we actually won Meet & Greets and Pit Tickets a week before the concert. Dalton waited until our song played and got down on one knee!!

He actually had someone that was in the Pit record it also! I had no idea!!! The entire night was amazing.


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