Shelby and Cormac

How We Met

Cormac came over to Texas from Ireland on a track scholarship to the university I was attending at the time. He’d been at school only a week when a mutual friend of ours introduced us at the school dining hall. I wasn’t interested in the slightest. I wanted to drink a cup of coffee and spend time alone journaling, but Cormac followed me to the table I was sitting at and kept trying to talk to me.

Even after I put headphones in to try to ignore him, he kept talking. He ended up following me on Instagram and asked me to coffee later that week. I took him up on it because he had interrupted my first cup. I felt like he owed it to me. Little did I know that a coffee shop and four hours of good conversation would lead to endless more for the rest of our lives. Read the full story here.

how they asked

Cormac told me he was going to plan my 23rd birthday. He had the year before as well so I thought nothing of it. He rented out a plantation home near my hometown. It was where my grandparents got married 54 years ago and have always been incredibly special to me. When we got there, all of my closest friends and family were there along with all my favorite dishes for lunch. After eating we all walked outside to take photos on the front porch. Cormac and I took our photo last, but before we did he handed me a card.

Shelby and Cormac's Engagement in Rose Hill Manor - Port Arthur, TX

For every occasion that we’ve been together, he writes and illustrates a card for me. Each card illustrates what I like, what we’re doing, or something significant about that particular season of life. I opened this card and read to the bottom where it said, “open here.” I flipped the quarter-folded card open to its final capacity, and there was an illustration of Cormac down on one knee. I looked up and there he was, doing just as the card foretold.

Proposal Ideas Rose Hill Manor - Port Arthur, TX

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rose Hill Manor - Port Arthur, TX

Shelby's Proposal in Rose Hill Manor - Port Arthur, TX

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