Shelby and Cody

Engagement Proposal Ideas in His parents neighborhood

How We Met

My house was exactly 6 minutes from his. Our families had known each other for years, his best friend was a family friend of mine and Cody had even come to my mom’s house —but I wasn’t home at the time. We had somehow never crossed paths until December of 2016 when we matched on Tinder (total laugh, I know). We talked for a few days before I went to meet him, and when I did, the rest was history.

How They Asked

Cody and I had planned a trip to Colorado for a week of hiking and fun in September, however, I had a baby unexpectedly in June (yes, I said unexpectedly, insane, I know). Cody informed me (for whatever reason) that he was intending to propose while we were in Colorado. Since our trip never happened, I was on my toes ever since the time he had told me he was intending to propose, waiting for it to happen elsewhere. June passed, September passed, many dates and romantic nights had passed, and still no proposal. December comes and I’m thinking “maybe for my birthday,” “maybe for our anniversary.” For our anniversary, he gave me a beautiful diamond necklace and said: “There’s the diamond you’ve been hinting for!” I won’t lie, I cried. I was getting discouraged. I started to think that, maybe since we had a baby, he had changed his mind about proposing.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in His parents neighborhood

Everything in our lives had changed since our son was born, maybe it was all too much for him. My doubt started to reflect in my attitude, my emotions were everywhere, I was just really down. So when we went to his parents’ for Christmas Eve (close to a 2-hour drive) and they drug us out that evening to take family pictures, I was less than excited. Tired and emotional, I was not in the mood for pictures, but I went anyhow. They took pictures of our three boys together, pictures of us all together, and then asked for a picture of just me and Cody.

I stood there and smiled while his dad adjusted his camera saying “I’m trying to fit that light in the picture,” I just kept smiling. Cody’s dad kept saying, “whenever you’re ready,” and I just kept thinking, “Dude, I’ve been smiling for a solid minute, I’m ready.” Then Cody asked, “Are you ready?” So, as shown in the picture, I had a moment of confusion. I was like “what the heck is everyone waiting around for, he has the camera, I have a smile, WE ARE ALL READY. JUST TAKE THE DANG PICTURE!” Then Cody pulled away from me and I just knew. Everything just came together and I immediately started ugly crying. His feelings hadn’t changed at all, he was just trying to throw me off so I wouldn’t be expecting it.

Special Thanks

Ed and Melissa Harkrider
 | Photographer