Shelby and Christopher

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How We Met

It was my freshman year of high school, and his senior year. We were in choir class together but had never spoken to one another. One night in October, I was at an annual festival at the local fire department. He was there with a mutual friend of ours. Thanks to that friend, we talked for hours. I knew that night that I could see him playing an important role in my future.

how they asked

My family always takes family pictures in the fall. After taking several pictures with my entire family, and different small groups, it was mine and Christopher’s turn to take pictures as a couple. After a couple of basic poses, the photographer said she wanted to try a pose where I stand facing away from Christopher and he surprises me with a hug, and she gets a picture of my natural reaction. I was standing, facing away, waiting for him to wrap his arms around me, when the photographer said “Actually, Shelby, turn around.” When I did, the love of my life was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. My entire family was there to witness it, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

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Special Thanks

Maggie Turner
 | Photographer