Shelby and Brandon

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How We Met

My fiance and I are truck people, we both adore our vehicles, we take them to car shows, we are part of a car club and such. So back in May of 2014, I was on a dating website, when I came across this good looking guy only about an hour away from me and he had a very nice looking truck, so that caught my interest. Well at the time I’ve been single for about 3 years, so I wasn’t expecting to be in a relationship. But I figured at least I could do is talk to this guy and maybe possibly give him a chance if things got serious. So I commented on his post about his truck. Well after a few comments back and forth he finally messaged me. And we just hit it off with the conversations. I felt comfortable and like I could be myself when talking to him. Well after awhile we exchanged numbers, and I told me how he wishes he could meet me. Well meeting someone on the internet can be a little scary. So I thought about it and told him that I would only meet him in a public place, or with my friends to be on the safe side. Which he was fine with, so on June 14th, 2014 my friend decided to host a bonfire in her parents open field. That’s when I agreed to meet him, and hes been anxiously waiting so he agreed right away. That night he drove an hour up north to meet me (which I thought was sweet) and when he pulled up and got out, I yelled out to my friends that he was mine. Handsome, tall man, scruffy beard with that shy sweet crooked smile that can make any girl swoon. Yeah that was mine. It wasn’t love at first sight but I knew something was different about him. The whole night he stayed next to me, very shy but a perfect gentleman. It was getting pretty late, so we all headed inside for some card games. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, and deep down inside I really wanted the night to end with a sweet kiss. Come to my luck, it did. When we went back to our vehicles, he opened up the door for me and then gave me a kiss. After that I was hooked. My three years single was going to be over. On July 1st of 2014 he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

July 1st 2016. This was our 2nd year together. Like a lot of others, I started hinting around for getting engaged. So when our anniversary came, I walked into his house unloaded my belongings (he lives an hour away) and was about to settle in when I saw flowers, a shirt and a jewelry box. I was pretty excited to see that box, so I opened it last. When I finally got to it, I looked up at him and smiled, then I opened it and NOPE they were earrings. I told him that I loved them all anyways. Maybe next year I might get it. Our next adventure was going to go fish (I’m an outdoors type so going fishing was pretty awesome.) After a long drive we pulled up to one of the most beautiful lakes. We got out and went to this little cabin that was kind of like a store and a mini cafe. Outside of it were a couple of dogs, which I adore. So our little trip started out pretty great. We rented a boat from the little store, and set out to the lake to start fishing. Sadly we didn’t catch anything but just relaxing was amazing. After a couple hours the sun was going to start setting so we decided to head back to the house. We got all packed up and was heading home when he wanted to pull off somewhere and watch the sunset. Totally romantic right? Well the place that he wanted to go was blocked off and you couldn’t really see the sunset anyways. So we kept driving. We eventually got to a spot that had a perfect view of the sunset, the only problem was that it was on the side of the road. With construction machines, time was running out so we parked there between two huge machines. As we got out I went to hop in the back of his truck when he told me to stop and pull the blanket back. Under it was a beautiful hand made sign that said “Will You Marry Me?” and he was on one knee. I didn’t quite say yes, I used a different choice of word that was basically yes. Of course I called my mom and right when I hung up, a police officer pulled up. Apparently we were trespassing on military property.

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