Shelby and Ben

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How We Met

Strangely enough, we met at the Griffith Park Haunted Hayride. He was a teacher with a girlfriend of mine and she got a group of friends together for the hay ride. We sat next to each other and immediately started holding hands. We haven’t stopped since!

how they asked

Ah! It was such an incredible experience and I was shocked at how well he planned it all.

We went to Catalina Island for what I thought was my birthday celebration, boy was I wrong! The day before my birthday my friends arrived on the island and we enjoyed a great afternoon, around 2pm, my best friend took me to get my nails done.

Ben showed up at the nail salon and shared that the group had gone out the the Wrigley Monument and we were going to go join them to see the views before dinner.

As we walked to the top of the monument I could feel something was happening, but I assumed it was a birthday surprise, but when we got to the top and I saw all of our close friends there, I knew it wasn’t a birthday surprise.

Ben gave me a card that told the story of how he fell in love, and how he had told his mom very early in our relationship that he wanted to marry me. I knew as soon as I put the card down he was going to propose, and my heart was beating so fast!

I closed the card and he gave me a hug, got down on one knee and asked If I would be his wife. I of course said yes and jumped into his arms!

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That was just the start of it! The moment I said yes, my friends pulled champagne from behind their back and we all celebrated! From there, we went to our favorite restaurant on the island and Ben had planned an incredible dinner for 20. He had pre-ordered everyone’s meals, the appetizers, everything!

I though the celebration was over but it kept going! From dinner, we walked back to the house we were staying at and our friends had converted it into a huge engagement celebration, complete with streamers, decorations, and so much more.We celebrated for the next two days and it was a blast.

The weekend was one to remember. Catalina was important place for us, it was one of the first vacation we took together and a place we had really grown to love. I am so glad that is where he chose to propose.