Shelby and Ben

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kentucky Lake

So it started out as just another trip to the lake… and Ben sure surprised me this time! We are fishing in a bay and a game warden rolls up. (I have literally only been checked one other time). He asks for our fishing licenses and all that. Ben finds his immediately, he starts fishing again. I could not find my fishing license in my wallet! The officer takes my driver’s license and goes to look it up. In the mean time, I dumped my wallet on the deck and am frantically searching for it. I remembered there is a confirmation email so I pull it up, ready to show the officer. Ben keeps giving me crap about how he cannot believe I don’t have my license on me and I get all flustered! Officer comes back with a citation for me not having my fishing license. Tells me when the court date is and all the fees. At that point, I am freaking out. Money and time that I do not have! He tells me to check the back sheet of the citation for further instructions and there is another sheet. I turn around to Ben on his knee!!!! I said YESSS!!!

I actually did not get a citation and Ben had taken my fishing license out!
Huge thanks to Officer BJ Morris for helping out! (I had never met him before!)

Shelby and Ben's Engagement in Kentucky Lake