Shelby and Anthony

>How We Met

Anthony and I met while participating in high school drama and choir class together. We started dating when he was a sophomore and I was a junior. We are high school sweethearts.

how they asked

Almost 7 years after we started dating, Anthony proposed to me in an Airbnb we were staying at in London on our trip of a lifetime to Europe in October 2016. We went to Rome, Paris, and London. It had been something the both of us had been dreaming about for years. While in Europe, Anthony had been trying to find a good spot to propose. He thought about the Eiffel Tower, Abbey Road, the Palace of Versailles, the British Library, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. All of these places were amazing. The Eiffel Tower was gorgeous. We both are huge Beatles fans and loved Abbey Road. The Palace of Versailles was the most beautiful place we’d been. The British Library is the second largest library in the world by materials kept there and I’m a huge English and literature nerd, so I loved it. The London Eye had beautiful views and we were on it during sunset. Westminster Abbey was super pretty too. There were issues with each one of these spots for a proposal though. Our host friend was with us when we visited the Eiffel Tower, so we weren’t alone. Abbey Road is way more crowded and filled with traffic than either of us expected. Anthony left the ring behind when we visited the Place of Versailles. The London Eye was crowded and you are sitting side by side with strangers. Westminster Abbey has a lot of tombs inside. Finally, we were sitting in our Airbnb one night toward the end of the two week trip, eating some cheesecake and talking and laughing. Anthony looked at me and said “These are the good moments” and got down on one knee. He popped open the box, and it was a glow-in-the-dark compass ring! The significance of this is that I’m a huge fan of 80s movies and loves the movie Big. Tom Hanks’s character in the movie is a 13 year old kid who wishes to be “big.” He ends up waking up one morning as a thirty-something adult when he really is still just a kid. He invites a date over one night and the two spend the night jumping on his trampoline and playing games and at the end of the night he gives the girl a glow in the dark compass ring from a vending machine “so you don’t get lost.” It’s very cute and Anthony knew I would like it. We ended up getting a real ring, but the compass ring is something I’ll treasure forever. We’re so happy.

Image 1 of Shelby and Anthony