Shelby and Alex

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How We Met

Our story began when I was a fresh, nervous and a little bit awkward high school graduate anxiously awaiting my freshman year of college at the University of Florida, and Alex was a mature, handsome (and Buff) college sophomore at the University of Central Florida. We both had a regular routine of going to our neighborhood YMCA around 5 o’clock each afternoon. After some undercover investigation done by his younger brother David, Alex had scoped me out to make sure I wasn’t still in High School and confidently introduced himself to me after an abs class (that he had followed me to :).

After a few more encounters, Alex asked me on our first date  to get smoothies after the gym (casual and very my style!) So one Saturday, after literally 5 min at the gym (I couldn’t get too sweaty before our first date! )  Alex and I went to Tropical Smoothie. My quiet, nervous, and never been kissed-self was intrigued by Alex’s charm, enthusiasm about life and the ability to carry our whole conversation, haha! After that date,  our story didn’t have necessarily a smooth path. We dated on and off for about three years, but Alex sure knew what it meant to “pursue” a girl! and eventually it all clicked for me! Everything I ever wanted, needed and prayed about was right in front of me!

how they asked

Sunrises are my favorite thing, especially at the beach, and for the past 5 years of us dating I’ve always said “a picnic” was my dream date. When I was woken up by surprise at 6am that morning, by Alex with coffee in his hand (a staple for me when I wake up!), I had no idea what was in store. He told me to get dressed quickly so we could make it to the beach to watch the sunrise and go to brunch after (my other favorite thing). Keep in mind Alex is not a morning person by nature. If it were up to him, every Saturday would be spent cuddled up in bed till about 10 followed by a relaxing start to the morning so this was a bit unexpected for him as well a true testament to how much he loves and listens to me!

As we began our walk, Alex began reminiscing about the past 5 years and the adventures we had been on, reminding me that June 3rd was the date we first met and our first date was June 10th. I was soaking up the fact that I was in my favorite place with my favorite person, so I didn’t think much of it and enjoyed his chatter.

But then Alex started to slow down and said, “Do you know what June 4th is?” and turned and pointed to the elaborate picnic, complete with champagne, candles, flowers and more accessories in all my favorite colors he had set up on the beach.



That’s when the tears started and the moment I had dreamed of hit me.


I turned back around to give him a hug and he was down on one knee.






Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset