Shelby and Adam

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How We Met

Shelby and I are both from Southern Indiana; New Albany and Clarksville…. think right across the river from Louisville, KY. We met at the happiest place on earth…. Bass Pro Shops. We both worked there while we were in college and we’ve been together for just under 5 years.

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how they asked

My family had a trip planned to spend a week in Hilton Head, so I took advantage of the already planned vacation. I planted the seed with Shelby early that I wanted to go spend a day in Charleston, because we didn’t get to last time we were in Hilton Head. In the meantime, I was busy buying the ring, getting her parents approval, finding an amazing photographer, and coming up with the master plan. The engagement ring was purchased at Genesis Diamond in Louisville, KY and is a Verragio.

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Shelby and I had gone and looked at rings 1 time, so I knew more or less what she wanted. A few weeks later, I went and picked the ring out. While I was confident I was making the right choice, I still text her mom a picture of it before pulling the trigger. The wedding band, which I purchased at the same time, was meant to resemble a ring I had bought her for our first anniversary of dating. I knew I needed the perfect location so after I found out Boone Hall was in The Notebook, I knew it was the place (Shelby has seen it more times than she’d probably like the world to know).

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I have an uncle that lives in Charleston, so I used him as a cover for most of the plan. “Uncle Mitchell said that we should visit Boone Hall Plantation while we are there.” I knew i wanted to do it early in the day, just to get the nerves out of the way. The hardest part was convincing Shelby to get up early enough to make the almost 3 hour drive from Hilton Head to the plantation so we could make our 10am appointment (that she didn’t know about).

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Once we got to the plantation, we walked over to the stable area next to the row of oaks, and I got down and popped the question. Shelby slept most of the drive, and I rehearsed in my head what I would say. Once my knee hit the ground, everything I had practiced went out the window. I’m not sure what exactly I said, but I know she said yes, which is all that matters! The wedding planning has already begun. We haven’t picked a venue yet, although we’ve visited a couple already. It will definitely be in Louisville, KY, we just haven’t decided on the exact place. We are planning on the first or second Saturday, October of 2019.

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