Shelbie and Joseph

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How We Met

Shelbie and Joey met when Joey would visit Mankato on the weekends, where Shelbie attended college at Minnesota State, Mankato. Shelbie was skeptical and took a while to warm up to meet Joey. When they finally met on February 25th, 2017 they hit it off right away! The first night was a mess, but it was easily made up in the following weeks. They started dating on March 19th, and have been inseparable ever since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Gaylord, Minnesota

Proposal Ideas Gaylord, Minnesota

How They Asked

Shelbie received a present from her dad on Christmas Day. When she opened it, it was a dog bed with dog toys. Her dad handed her some papers from the breeder of her new puppy. Joey then decided the perfect way to pop the question that morning. He told Shelbie’s parents that he wanted to ask when we picked up the puppy from the breeders. Joey then focused on setting up me going into the jewelers, Golden Treasures, and trying on different rings. They put aside the one that I liked and got my size, and he custom-made the rest. When March 15th came, and we went to pick up the puppy, Joey’s parents drove with us, and Shelbie’s parents and sister met at the breeder’s house in Gaylord, MN. We got to the house and our little puppy was there waiting for us. We were so excited to see her, and her adorable wrinkly self.

We were trying to decide what to name her and Joey said: “Well, I already had a tag made.” He pulled out a heart-shaped dog tag that on one side read ‘Shelbie Lyn Werden…’. Shelbie flipped it to the second side and it read, ‘Will you marry me?’ By this point Shelbie was in tears, Joey got down and one knee and said, “Shelbie Lyn Werden, I love you more than anything in this world and I want to spend the rest of our lives together, you, me, and the dog!

What do you say, will you marry me?” Shelbie shook her head and through tears said, “Yes!” Everyone was so excited and crying and happy, even the dogs in the house all peed on the floor at the same time from excitement! It was perfect, and everything Shelbie wanted. Shelbie even told everyone afterward, as embarrassing as it is, Shelbie used to watchdog proposal videos on YouTube in college and wished one day that it happened to her, and so it did.

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