Shelbi and Jerrod

How We Met

We have known each other since probably elementary school. I went off to college to play softball and decided to move back to town afterwards. When I moved back I was around 20 years old. I went to the grocery store one day with my dad and bumped into Jerrod, who was managing the place at the time. We spoke and talked for a few minutes and then went on our way. A few weeks later he text my cousin asking for my number and the rest is history. 5 years later we are engaged.

how they asked

Jerrod knew I wanted a special proposal, I guess a fairy-tale type. So he and my mom conjured up a plan. They found Nola Gondola in New Orleans in City Park. They booked the ride for sunset. The plan of getting me to New Orleans with my parents and Jerrod was the trickier task they had because I ask way too many questions. They decided to let my dad say he had a business thing for work down there and we could all just meet him down there for a little fun get away for a few days. So we went down there and my mom wanted to take my dog, Cooper, to the park. Basically just so I could see the gondola and want to ride it.

Shelbi's Proposal in New Orleans Louisiana

Well her planned worked perfectly. I immediately saw the Gondola and was like oh my, I have to ride it. Little did I know Jerrod already had it booked weeks prior. So, he had to go and “fake book” it again for me to not be suspicious. So we go back to the hotel to get dressed to go eat with my Dad’s coworker so I thought, that’s how they got me to dress up! But first we had to go on the Gondola ride and then to “eat with the co-worker.” The Gondola ride had glasses of wine and was a 40 minute ride through the beautiful city park of New Orleans under these gorgeous bridges. The last bridge I saw my parents and that’s when he proposed as we headed under the last bridge.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Orleans Louisiana

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