Sheila and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met towards the end of my senior year of high school. Growing up, I lived a very sheltered life. Being raised by strict parents, I was not allowed to go out with any boys until I was “of age.” When I finally turned 18, was around the same time where my senior class was preparing for prom. A good friend of mines thought it would be a fun idea to set me up with a date for prom. My friend knew that her friend, Jordan, would be the perfect match because he was fun and outgoing, and she knew I would enjoy his company.

When my friend finally introduced me to Jordan, I thought he was a pretty cool and funny, so we ended up exchanging phone numbers. Jordan would call and text me every night to try and get to know me, but being the shy girl that I am, I would always try to avoid his call. But Jordan never gave up. Coincidentally, my sister and Jordan were in the same class and he purposely asked my sister to be his partner for a project, so he can come over to talk to me. And since he was at my house everyday for a few days, I forced myself to talk and hang out with him. From there, I came to realize that I really did enjoy his company.
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Even after prom, Jordan and I continued to talk and we became really good friends. We learned that we were completely different from each other, but we got along very well (you can say that opposites really do attract). Jordan and I dated for 7 months, and one day Jordan had the courage to lean in and kiss me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Believe it or not, but Jordan was my first kiss EVER! And since that day, we’ve been inseparable.

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how they asked

From Jordan’s point-of-view:Sheila has always her Daddy’s little princess. But when Sheila’s dad had fallen ill, I made a promise to him before he passed away. I promised her dad that I would forever take care of her treat his princess like a queen.

With that in mind, I thought it would be sentimental if I proposed in front of a castle. At first, I wanted to propose at our favorite location, Disneyland, but when we were there, it felt like the timing wasn’t right, so I decided to hold off on it.

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A few months after our Disneyland trip, I started constantly having dreams of marrying Sheila. So I took it as a sign and I knew that it was finally time to propose. Then on October 8 of 2015, my family invited us to join them in Napa Valley to go wine tasting. And when I found out that there was a castle in Napa, I knew that it would be the perfect place to propose. I tried to call to see if that location offered a proposal package, but they said that it was too much of a short notice to prepare one. So I decided to wing it.

Together with close family, we started our day with a wine tasting tour. As for me, of course, I was already getting nervous so I started drinking the wine as if they were shots. And since I was not used to drinking alcohol, I got intoxicated faster than usual.

After our tour, we all headed to their second destination, to the Castello di Amorosa. As we were driving up, Sheila got excited to see that it was a castle. She started to joke around asking if I bought her a new house and saying that she is “finally home.” As we all walked up to the entrance of the castle, my family wanted to take pictures and volunteered us to go first. Sheila excitedly started posing as if she was showing off her new home. And as my family was taking the pictures, that was when I pulled Sheila closer and asked for her hand in marriage. With tears of joy flowing from her eyes, Sheila excitedly said “Yes!”

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