Sheila and Duane

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How We Met

Most engaged couples say how they knew they were going to marry their significant other the moment they laid eyes on them. That’s not the case with Duane and I. We’ve been friends for so long I don’t remember the 1st time we met. We’ve been best friends for years. He was always the funny cool friend that you can go to with anything. I never even looked at him that way. When we 1st started dating, 4 years ago, people would said we were going to ruin our friendship and turns out we made it even better. Our relationship is based on our friendship.

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how they asked

In May 2017, just 3 years into our relationship, I graduated with my MBA. After the ceremony, we went out to dinner. I got up to take a spinning boomerang picture and it happened. I went to spin for a picture and when I turned around, in front of my closets friends and family, he got down on one knee, and popped the question. “Sheila Maria Gonzalez, will you marry me?” My eyes filled with tears of joy I couldn’t even get the word “yes” out of my mouth. I simply nodded up & down.

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If you would have asked my 5 years ago where I would be or who I would be with today, I would have never pictured being engaged to my best friend. And now if you ask me, I can’t imagine how I lived my life without him as my life partner.

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