Sheila and Anthony

img20150823_09553244How We Met: We met through his cousin Laura, she and I were on the same high school JV soccer team, she played a big part in our falling in love. She had been telling Anthony about me for a while at that time and officially set us up on a blind group movie date on valentines day in 2009. He had no idea I would be there with the group to watch a movie and it definitely caught him off guard because he was so nervous!  It had all been telephone calls and myspace communication before that, so as soon as I saw him I gave him a big ol’ hug. That day that I officially met Anthony in person, we clicked, we talked all night and he let me wear his flannel (I was cold and he was slick haha). However, we were only 14 and 15 at the time, we fell in love on valentines day ( how cheesy right?), and have stayed in love until this day.

how they asked: He had been constantly telling me he was going to marry me one day for a couple of years, we’ve been together for 6 years and 5 months now, so he had always playfully got down on one knee and asked me a couple times. I always told him to stop, because when the day comes and he REALLY proposes I’m going to think he’s being playful, and not believe him. I told him ” You know the boy who cried wolf, right?” haha. However, he still would insist on it, and continue to playfully propose. Until we hit 6 Years into our relationship, he talked about marrying me more and more, he kept saying he was going to soon, but I insisted that he stop telling me because I wanted to be surprised. And that I was! We were going to have a photoshoot for us on my birthday as a gift to me from him and my sister, at the Disney California Hotel Rose Garden, she was supposed to capture the proposal, but as plans sometime go, they do not happen, other things popped out for her and she was unable to take pictures. I shook it off and planned for it on another day instead. Little did I know, that would be proposing to me on my birthday in the most intimate and romantic way, surrounded my roses and thankfully without a crowd ( I am very shy with crowds).  My high school sweetheart, My best friend, the love of my life, and the man of dreams finally asked that beautiful question and of course I said “Yes!”


(Thankfully, my sister and my brother in law were able to recreate our proposal recently, I think it worked out just peachy, haha)

Photo by Melissa Lonoza