Shehnee and Amir

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How They Asked

“Cordi’s missing,” I hear as I turn around in my barn after just getting back from a fairytale-like trail ride in the whimsical snow with my friend and my horses. It’s Amir. With this look on his face that painted his intention with fluorescent colors. I followed him back behind the barn where the dogs were uncovering a hay covered sign that said: “Will you marry me?”. Amir, which translates to “prince” in Farsi, explained to me that this board had come from my aunt’s barn before it collapsed.

This is the barn I spent my best days in all summer long from 5-18 so it had a great sentiment to me. At this point, I couldn’t stop laughing because the neighbor’s dog also broke loose from their backyard to eat the treats he had laid out for them all. After what seemed like an eternity of beautiful, but very anxious words, he finally got down on one knee and with a kiss became my happily ever after.

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