Sheena and Sunit

How We Met

January 2018: when my dad was officially diagnosed with stage four cancer, but also when I met the love of my life – Sunit

How They Asked

I can’t say it was the worst year of my life because I lost my angel, but gained my new one at the same time. Sunit has been there for me since day 1, and I’ve been beyond blessed to have him by my side. He decided to live with us shortly after we met and willingly developed a relationship with my dad and my whole family. He spent every single day -while both of us being in school, working, and studying for exams – with my family and me. He spent every day watching my family spend as much time with my dad as possible and did so himself. He’s seen me at my worse yet he loves me the best. My dad’s last wish was for him to see me engaged and a week before his death, Sunit made his wish come true and proposed to me in front of my dad in the hospital. I can’t describe the bittersweet emotions I felt while letting go of my dad’s hand at that moment. While watching the raw proposal video, I notice how my dad kept his hand up. I remember vividly my dad had told me shortly after, “this is my ending, but this is your beginning”.

How They Asked

December 22, 2018: When Sunit gave me my new beginning.

Sunit proposed to me again at Huntington Beach with our friends present and my dad in spirit by the ocean, where we poured his ashes. Each and every thought was so intricate. When I walked in, Sunit guided me towards a timeline of our lives on each side and where we crossed paths in the middle—the center picture of Sunit proposing to me in front of dad. He then took me to the balcony, where I felt the presence of my dad in the ocean, and all of my closest friends and family watching and waiting across the street. I knew Sunit was the one quite early on because we grew together and created something so beautiful in the midst of a disaster.


Proposal Ideas Huntington Beach

Sheena and Sunit's Engagement in Huntington Beach

They say everything happens for a reason and at the right time. Sunit made me believe it :)
2019, here we come :)

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