Shealy and Kyle

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Thomasville, GA

How We Met

Kyle and I met while studying abroad in Turkey during the Summer of 2014. We were in the same group from the same university, but we had never met each other. Within minutes of getting acquainted with each other once our group landed, we realized that we just clicked. We hung out the entire trip and were dating within a few weeks of getting back to the U.S.

how they asked

I live in Atlanta, GA and Kyle lives in Thomasville, GA, so we usually try to see each other every other weekend. Kyle convinced me to come down two weekends in a row, since our friends was having a “parties.” Unbeknownst to me though, the party on the second weekend was a surprise engagement party Kyle planned. Kyle told me that he was going to play golf that Saturday (11/12) with some of his friends, so I decided to have a girls’ day with some of mine. Kyle called me later that day to say that the golf game was running late and that I should just meet him downtown for drinks before our party. Across the street from the restaurant where I was meeting him, is a beautiful ivy covered walkway with lights and a fountain. I walked passed it and out of the corner of my eye I saw Kyle standing there. Next thing I know he’s asking me to marry him, and then leading me to our friend’s store where our family and closest friends were ready to celebrate our engagement. I could not have asked for a better day or fiance!

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