Shea and Miller

Shea and Miller's Engagement in Tip Top Grill (Hoover, AL)

How We Met

Miller and I became friends in the Spring of 2013, but our paths crossed many years before that. We grew up in the same home town and attended the same middle and high schools. I graduated high school in 2011 and Miller graduated the following year. We both went on to attend The University of Alabama. Fast forward to the start of 2013. My high school friend, Annie, went to a fraternity formal with Andy (another high school friend). After the formal she told me we needed to hang out with Miller and his cousin Ross because they had become great friends at the formal. I remembered them from high school, but never got to know Miller until Annie “re-introduced” us. We ended up hanging out in a group and ate a late night meal at Waffle House and laughed for hours. Miller and I became best friends for a few months and officially began dating in September of 2013.

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Shea's Proposal in Tip Top Grill (Hoover, AL)

how they asked

Let me start off by saying I was completely surprised. Miller and I have dated over four years and have talked about marriage, but it just was not the right timing just yet. Miller is currently getting his masters and working at the same time, so I thought he would propose after he completed his masters and boy was I wrong.

I had made plans with Miller and my parents to have an early birthday dinner, Wednesday November 1st. I share a birthday with my mom and our birthday was Saturday, November 4th. We could not celebrate that day with dinner because of the Alabama LSU game, we could not celebrate the 3rd because I am a high school cheer coach and we had a football game, and I had already made plans to celebrate with my friends on the 2nd. Miller told me that he needed to pick me up before dinner so we could could pick something up from his grandparents. Miller’s grandparents live 30 minutes away, but go to church near our town. Miller picks me up and we are driving in the car headed to meet his grandparents and I asked what we were picking up and he said, “don’t worry about it!”.

Since my birthday was a few days away I assumed I was being surprised with an early birthday gift (I was thinking tickets to the upcoming Alabama game). We get to a restaurant that has a really great view and we are sitting in the car waiting on Miller’s grandparents. Miller says, “Let’s go walk around. We have both been inside all day and I want to be outside.” I reluctantly said okay and we walked to the over look. Everything was very casual until all of the sudden Miller stopped talking and stepped backward. I turned around to ask what he was doing and all of the sudden he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I was so shocked! I kept saying “Are you serious? Are you for real?” for what felt like forever. Then of course I said yes!

We got in the car to go meet my parents and I was asking who all knew. He told me we were going to surprise my mom as an early birthday present. We got to the restaurant and when my mom came in I held my hand out and said, “Mom look what Miller got me for my birthday!”. She responded with, “Oh Miller! That is beautiful.” My dad then asked my mom if she knew what kind of ring that was and my mom immediately started crying tears of joy.

After we dinner (which we barely ate because we were all so excited) we went back to my house and celebrated our engagement with our friends and family. It was the best day of my life and I cannot wait to spend forever with my best friend!

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