Shea and Dennis

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How We Met

Our first interaction ever was at a dorm room party at UConn. Dennis offered me a beer out of his backpack! Such a romantic! This interaction grew into a friendship, which grew into us being best friends, and finally after 2 years we were “more than friends”. We dated the rest of college, moved in together, got our dog Stella Blue, and bought a house. His mom always joked around that we had just kept “forgetting” to get married. After six years of being best friends, and four years of dating he finally asked me a very important question!

how they asked

In June of 2015 I decided to run a half marathon. My best friend (Alyssa) and I signed up for the Philadelphia Half Marathon that would take place in November. For those 5 months I worked my butt off training. This was going to be a really important accomplishment for me and I was proud of myself for working so hard towards it. Alyssa, Dennis, and I all ventured down to Philly. The night before the race while we were out Dennis bought stuff to make a sign and mentioned that he was going to make one for us so to keep an eye out for it. I thought it was sweet and I was excited to have something to look for but did not think much more of it. The next day I was full of nerves and adrenaline. Alyssa and I started the race together but she is much faster than me so she cruised ahead. I was having such a wonderful time running through the city. The atmosphere was amazing. I knew I would be seeing Dennis around mile 10. I started looking for him and finally I saw him up ahead. Then I saw his parents.. and then my parents.. my sister… and his brother. Dennis held up a sign that read, “Shea!!! I have a question for you… At the finish line…” I was so taken aback! I gave him a kiss and kept on trucking forward! I NEEDED to get to the finish line. Three miles later, I was in so much pain, but that didn’t matter. I crossed the finish line and there he was. He got down on one knee, told me he loved me and how he was so proud of me. Then finally he asked me to marry him! I was in tears. My mom was in tears, his mom was in tears. I see my sister and Alyssa both standing there crying. I was so happy to be surrounded by all of the most important people to us. It was totally worth running 13.1 miles!

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