Shayna and Stan

How We Met: Stan and I met through his cousin, a co-worker of mine, that had become one of my closest friends. He came into our office, and saw me walking through the lobby, and asked his cousin who I was. I had heard his cousin talk about him many times, and had seen him in our office before, but never put the two of them together. A few weeks went by, and his cousin and I were out with friends after our company Christmas party. Stan showed up that night, and we talked for a while. He was charming, and he put me on the spot like no one ever had before. I had a crush on him instantly.

how they asked: I was at a birthday party with friends at The Peerless Grille. Stan met me there after work. We stayed out in the parking lot talking in his truck until sunrise. He pulled out a Bible that night, and tucked between some of the pages was a piece of paper he had written notes on. There was a verse at the top of the page, “Hebrews 11:1.” We call this OUR verse. We both knew that morning we wanted to spend our lives together.

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A year and a half later, he brought me back to the same restaurant to tell our closest friends and family the story, and get down on one knee.

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