Shayna and Matt

Proposal Ideas In our living room

How We Met

My fiancé and I met online as most people do nowadays. I had just gotten out of a relationship and was just looking for someone to spend time with as a friend. When we were planning our first meetup, I told him that it wasn’t a date. The moment we were finally face to face, I regretted that decision. Our first meetup was to a rope course. We get 50 feet in the air before he finally turns to me and tells me he isn’t a fan of heights. We had so much fun together that we decided that we would continue on with our night and went bowling too! It was the longest and best “first date”. I was so disappointed when he didn’t kiss me at the end of the night. I made it very clear after that night that the next time I saw him would be a real date. It only took a day for us to see each other again

how they asked

My fiancé and I love to slow dance in the living room. It’s always been our thing. We always start with our song, Better Place by Rachel Platten. One Saturday morning, I wake up to see Matt wide awake. He asks if I want to dance before I get ready for work. It was 6:30 in the morning! I was barely awake but happily agreed and we swayed as our song played.

My service dog Lileu came around the corner and I saw something on her collar- it looked like a plastic bag. I asked Matt if she had gotten into anything so Matt called her over, reached down, and ripped the bag off. He pulled out the most spectacular ring I had ever seen and then got down on one knee. The rest is a blur but I know one thing for sure, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!