Shayna and Logan

How We Met

Logan is a paramedic and I am a hairstylist, we met in the hair salon. I would cut his hair every two weeks and we quickly became friends. About a year and a half later we went on our first date and we’ve been inseparable since that day. He has been my rock and best friend and is the most supportive man I have ever known.

How They Asked

Logan surprised me with a trip to Mexico, somewhere we had talked about going since we began dating. I had absolutely no idea this vacation would turn into the best week of my life!! Logan told me he wanted to give me a Christmas gift early so I came outside to a beautiful engraved necklace. At first, I thought it would say, Logan, because I had said in the past that I would love that! To my surprise it had my last name, I turned it over and saw my Dads name, and instantly started bawling. My dad passed away the day after my 9th birthday and not having him growing up was always beyond difficult.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Mexico

Logan then told me he wanted to go for a walk because then the sky was pretty, then told me to stand by the ocean for a quick video of the waves. He walked over to me and told me how he loved me, how I was his best friend and soul mate and then got down on one knee… I was in pure shock and fell to the ground. I couldn’t even breathe or make any proper words come out just a jumble of tears and strange noises! He then told me the necklace was to ask permission to my dad to marry me, as he never got the chance to do so. I’m still in tears when I think about.

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