Shayna and Ivan

Shayna's Proposal in White Gazebo on the back of The Queen Mary

how they asked

About a month ago, my (then) boyfriend Ivan told me that his mom wanted to take us out to a special Brunch that The Queen Mary was having on November 1st. He said it was a special event and that we had to go because it was extremely hard to get into. Come November 1st, I got dressed up and we went. When we got there, I immediately wanted to go see the haunted rooms before the “brunch”. He kept telling me that we needed to go get food since it was starting soon.

We made our way upstairs and towards the back of the ship, where we saw a Carnival cruise ship docked. “go take pictures of the cruise” he told me. so I went up into the little white gazebo (better view from up there) and took a few shots. I turned around and put my camera back in my backpack that he was holding and as I turned away (because he normally wants to hold my backpack for me) he asked me to take the bag, so I did.

I turned, set it down and as I turned back towards him, He got down on one knee. I was in absolute shock. He handed me a little black box and I opened it. Inside was not a ring, but a small piece of red paper with the word “PRIORITY” on it. Immediately I thought that the ring was on hold, and was ok with that. He asked me what it said, and I replied with “Priority”. “you are my priority” he laughed.

He then took the ring out of his pocket and put it on my finger. I was absolutely ecstatic. After hugging and kissing and crying, he said: “now, you have one more decision to make, We can stay on the Queen Mary for the weekend, or we can go get on that cruise ship”. I was shocked. Next thing I knew we were in the hummer on our way to the cruise terminal, and with two hidden luggage bags in the back. It was the best 4 days of my life.

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