Shayla and Eric

Shayla and Eric's Engagement in Old City Helicopters @ Peter O. Knight Airport

How We Met

We’ve known of each other since high school, we didn’t attend the same high school but had a lot of mutual friends. He first approached me on Twitter (June 2013) and we began conversing a lot. I eventually just said, “this is too complicated, let me just give you my phone number!” He asked me to dinner and a movie, which I accepted. Come date day I literally was having one of the worst days of my life and was going to cancel the date until my best friend consoled me and told me to go on the date because it’ll take my mind off things.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Old City Helicopters @ Peter O. Knight Airport

We went out and had so much in common and laughed and talked about sports for awhile. After the movie, I didn’t want the date to be over and neither did he. We drove to the causeway and watched the stars and talked for hours! The night ended with a great kiss and me never wanting the night to end. After that first date we were inseparable and have been together ever since!

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It was the day of his 26th birthday and I had all these surprises in store for him…little did I know I’d be the one getting surprised! We went to church with his best friend and sister; ironically the sermon that morning was all about marriage (crazy I know)! Afterwards I thought I had a surprise helicopter ride over Tampa Bay scheduled for him and had his parents there as a surprise for him.

We got to Old City Helicopters at Peter O. Knight Airport and I said, “SURPRISE, WE’RE GOING ON A HELICOPTER RIDE!” after he asked, “Why are my parents here?” I thought I nailed it! As we were coming back to the airport he told me to look at the ground. Two white signs were placed on the ground but it was so bright I was only able to make out ‘I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.’ Me being naive I just figured those signs were always on the ground, little did I know they said ‘SHAYLA MICHELLE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH’ ‘ARE YOU READY FOR OUR NEXT BIG ADVENTURE?’

Shayla's Proposal in Old City Helicopters @ Peter O. Knight Airport

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Old City Helicopters @ Peter O. Knight Airport

Once we got on the ground we had to take a golf cart back to the hanger and as we were sitting on the back he showed me a picture of our dog, Brodie, with a poster behind him that said ‘Mommy, Daddy has a question for you!’ I immediately said, “what are you doing?!” and knowing I wanted my mom to be here for this moment that I knew was about to happen I got a little sad thinking she wasn’t there.

And as soon as that thought crossed my mind the golf cart turned around and I saw my mom walking towards us and our entire family and friends behind her with a huge sign that read, ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I lost my mind in shock and happiness!

My mom handed the ring to Eric and got down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of his life with me. I had never been more surprised in my entire life and the fact that he included everyone we loved made it even more special.

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