Shaye and Connor

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How We Met

Connor and I actually got set up by his aunt and my dance teacher (they are sister in laws) over Christmas break when we were both down in Arizona. It’s kinda crazy though because before we even got set up we had both heard about each other and had all these random weird connections but had never met! Anyways, my dance teacher texted me asking if I knew who Connor Edwards was and told me he’s super cute and wanted to set me up with him! Of course I was so down for that!

So Connor takes me out a couple days later on New Years Day. It was such a fun first date! Then we both go back to Provo for school and start hanging out every single day! We really had hit it off right from the start!

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how they asked

This day was definitely the happiest day of my life so far. I actually felt like I was dreaming it was that amazing! So little back story.. I knew that Connor was going to propose in the next couple days because earlier that week he hinted that this week was gonna be a reallyyyy good week. So of course I knew it was coming and made sure I looked cute everyday that week!

That morning connor went to his cousins temple sealing in salt lake. Other than going to the reception that night, we had no plans for the day. Connor called me after the sealing and said I should meet up for lunch with him and his cousins. I’m like yeah for sure! Then connor says “Let’s go to Ivie!” Um what???? Connor hates Ivie Juice Bar. So at this point I’m just thinking this is a little strange. But whatever I love Ivie so I’m down for that. So then I call him a little later and ask if they can just pick me up instead of meeting them there. Connor says “dang I’m sorry we don’t have any room in our car…” Haha sure you don’t….at this point I’m getting a lot more suspicious! Then he texts me and says “We’re 5 minutes away you should leave now!” Of course I end up leaving 20 minutes later (already throwing off the schedule haha) anyways I finally get to Ivie and when I walk in I see Lexi, Rachel, Chandler, and Skalla all there! No sign of Connor! At that moment, I knew he was going to propose today but I still had no idea what was happening until then! I was soooo excited though! We had been dying to be engaged. Anyways, Skalla gave me money from Connor and I order my favorite bowl, the Kimball! And the worker gave me a slip of paper that said in Connors handwriting “Don’t be late for your 2:00 appointment!” And had an address on it. Turns out it was the address of Essence Nails!

So Rachel and Chandler go to Essence with me and I got my nails done! It was so fun and already paid for! After I got them done Rachel gave me another clue that was a puzzle I had to solve to figure out the next location. It was a bunch of questions about Connor like what’s my fav color, animal, tv show, etc. The puzzle ended up spelling Sweet Tooth Fairy! And at the bottom it said be sure to order the “Shaye special”. And this point I was getting super anxious to get to the place where connor is, but I was still loving every second of this scavenger hunt!

Chandler, Rachel, and I then head to sweet tooth fairy in draper and Macie met us there! I walk in and order the Shaye special haha. The Shaye special was 6 different flavors of frosting. I had to guess 5 out of the 6 correct in order to get the next clue. Also if I guessed any wrong I had to take a bite out of this disgusting chocolate muffin haha. I guessed wrong 3 or 4 times it was gross but I finally guessed 5 right and got my next clue! It was a Nordstrom card and connor wrote on it to go find vic and left her number. Along with the clue we got to pick out 6 cupcakes of our choice that connor had already paid for! He just went so above and beyond with all this. I absolutely loved it though!! I was so excited to go to Nordstrom but still had no idea what would happen there! Macie had me convinced I was going to hike bridal veil falls so I figured we were maybe going to buy some hiking clothes….lol.

Anyways so we drive to Nordstrom and are looking around for Vic. The first worker I see I say “hey we are looking for someone named Vic!” And funny enough she was Vic! So she took us all back to this big dressing room and there were about 10 dresses hanging around the room with different shoes lined up underneath. I was in heaven!!! She even had fresh sodas ready for us on the table. It was a dream! Vic told me to pick my favorite dress and shoes and to let her know when I decided. It took me forever to decide on a dress……I was so torn between this super cute navy dress and this way cute floral dress. It was a tough decision but I went with the floral! So then Vic cut off all the tags from the dress and shoes and I was off to getting my makeup redone!

At this point I am getting so anxious to see connor already! And I know he was too. Before we even got to Nordstrom i think he was already at the cafe…haha. Anyways it was so fun getting my makeup redone. Lacey did an amazing job and was so fun to talk with. I was soooo excited once I was finally all ready to go! I kind of assumed this would be the last stop before getting to connor so I was freaking out a little! Vic gave me the next clue which was in an envelope. I opened it up and it was a Grand America Hotel card and on the inside it said “I love you more than tongue can tell! Come meet me here in the garden cafe. I’m dying to see you!” AHHH I was so excited!

So Chandler, Skalla, Macie, and I drive to the grand America and it was the weirdest feeling knowing I would be engaged within the next hour! I honestly was so excited I did not even know how to act. I got out at the front entrance and the workers led me where to go. I was speed walking so fast I wanted to see him as fast as possible!! But Skalla and Chandler tried to slow me down cuz Macie was trying to beat me there to take pictures! Now that I look back at the videos I was walking so intensely yet calmly it’s kinda funny to watch. But overall the anticipation was killing me. It definitely did not help that the walk to the garden cafe was so long! Anyways I finally arrive at the entrance to the cafe and the hostess directs me back. I walk back to the next worker and he’s standing by what seems to be a wall but is actually a door! He opens this wall door thing to an entire separate/private wing of the restaurant and points me back. And there was my love sitting at a table in the center separated from the rest. I couldn’t stop smiling. I walk towards him and right as I get to him, before I even have the chance to hug him, he is down on one knee.

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Now these next 10 seconds were hands down the greatest 10 seconds of my life. As he smiles up at me (seriously the cutest/happiest smile I’ve ever seen) he says, “I love you. (Pause…) And I want to spend the rest of forever with you. (Pause..) Will you marry me?” YES!!! I have never been so happy :) AHHH!

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So then we just hugged and kissed and took some cute pictures and then Macie, Chan, and Skalla left and we sat down and ate dinner, finally engaged!! It was the most perfect proposal I could have ever imagined. I am soooo excited to marry the love of my life! I truly am the luckiest girl in the world. I love you Connor Alan Edwards with all my heart!

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