Shayden and Kyle

Image 1 of Shayden and Kyle

How We Met

GAHHHH. Get ready for some MUSH.

This goofball and I met one nice night in Minneapolis on a rooftop. So romantic, I know. Kyle came in one night with his friend while I was working the host stand of a local restaurant. We were given tablets to help with seating customers that never worked. I definitely used this to my advantage. So, I would write down everyone’s number on a piece of paper and text them when a table opened up. Can you guess where this is going?

It was a busy night on the rooftop which lead to await. I asked Kyle for his number to write down, where his friend chimed in (#wingman) “That’s a fancy system you got going on there,” to where I replied, “Yeah, and I’m using my phone… AND I’m single, so if you want to text me back” *Insert finger guns* – YEAH. I went there.

Image 2 of Shayden and Kyle

Kyle and his friend looked at each other simultaneously in utter confusion. Did she just do that? We moved along, and they waited for their table. After a bit, I texted him letting him know a table was open, and finished my host duties of seating. We didn’t talk the rest of that night.

Image 3 of Shayden and Kyle

The next morning rolls around, and I get a random message from an unknown number. “Hey! You (not so) subtly mentioned you were single as I gave you my number yesterday at **********. I was dumb and didn’t ask your name. Mine is Kyle. Yours?”

We went on a date 2 weeks later to a brewery and he has been my best friend ever since.

Image 4 of Shayden and Kyle

How They Asked

I was obviously crushed when the pandemic hit. We both are a huge fan of concerts, and this summer was supposed to be FULL of them. I took the hit pretty hard… After a couple of local adventures, we decided it would cool to rent a van and explore SOMEWHERE. Kyle and I have been talking about building out a van for the last couple of years, so we figured, testing the waters with a rental would be a smart move to get our itch some love.

Image 5 of Shayden and Kyle

We ended up finding an awesome rental in Utah, so we flew there, picked up the van, and set off to visit the National Parks. We started in Zion, then Bryce, Arches, and Canyonlands.

To get into Zion during the pandemic, you had to reserve shuttle tickets for a specific time. We luckily got them for our first day and set off. We made breakfast in the park before hopping on the shuttle to where all the hikes were. Prior to boarding, we had planned on hiking the Narrows knowing Angel’s landing was closed. As we looked at the map, there was some concern with the water in the Narrows, it had toxic algae, so upon more looking, we found Angels was open and decided to go that route!

Image 6 of Shayden and Kyle

Again, we planned on hiking Narrows, so I knew he wasn’t going to propose that day. He is way too much of a worrier to bring something like that into water ;) Also, prior to leaving for Utah, we had mild bickering with paid carry-ons. I wanted to share one, and he was VERY insistent on needing his own, haha

So we get off the shuttle and start the hike to Angels. It was stunning, thrilling, and very difficult at times. There were a couple of times on the chains that I literally had to tell myself not to look down, and not quit because it was very sketchy. But SO COOL.

We made it to the top and it was packed. Like, you could hardly walk around or even take a picture. We got a couple of pictures of what we could and started hiking back down to the bottom. On the way, we saw a couple trying to take a selfie, so we offered to take one for them. In return, they took one of us too!

Image 7 of Shayden and Kyle

We said thank you and continued our hike down the chains. We went over like one pass and found this flat landing where there was absolutely nobody. Kyle pulled me off to the side and said “let’s just take in this view” and I was just like, “okay.” haha

We took this selfie, and he turned to hug me, told me he loved me, and said “I need to ask you something.” I looked down and he was holding a slim, custom ring box with the most beautiful ring inside. I just buried my head in my hands and started sobbing. The one thing I wanted the most with my engagement ring, was my grandmother’s diamond. I’ve always admired her and the love my grandpa and her shared. He ended up getting the ring from my mom a few months back and had it reset in a different band. It was perfect.

The couple who had just taken our picture came running down and goes “okay! picture time, picture time! Give me one of your phones!”

Image 8 of Shayden and Kyle

I’m so thankful she did too because I cherish this photo so much. AHH. I can’t wait to be your wife. Definitely the most epic, unforgettable moment ever.

When we were hiking down, I asked a million questions, obviously, haha I was like, “So why Zion?” and he goes “I want to name our puppy Zion.” and I just STOPED and was like, “ARE WE GETTING A PUPPY?!” and not yet, hahaha but everyone on the trail thought that was hilarious.