Shawntel and Chase

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How We Met

Shawntel and Chase met on February 9th 2013. Shawntel was out on a Saturday evening in Redding with her friend Brenna, and Chase was also out with friends. Shawntel knew who Chase was for a few years, always had her eyes on him, but the two were never introduced. Shawntel would catch Chase looking her way, but knew that he was a shy person, so she thought maybe it would be a good idea to introduce herself, we all know she is not very shy in that department and had no problem making the first move.

Shawntel knew Austin (Chase’s best friend) and caught him alone as he was walking by her. She told him her plan and he thought that was a good idea. So Shawntel watched Austin return to Chase and tell him everything she had just said, so she decided to just wait it out. Low and behold, that shy boy eventually made his way over and started talking to her. This might have been the only time in Shawntel’s life that she was completely speechless, at a loss for words, nothing was coming out. Eventually they exchanged numbers and planned on having a date.

Their first date was on February 22nd 2013, and have been absolutely inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Shawntel and Chase were on a road trip vacation in Southern California for a week in August 2015. They were staying at Shawntel’s best friend Alison’s house in San Diego for a few days. The night before they had planned on leaving to their next destination, they made plans to go to a nice dinner with Alison and her husband Corey in La Jolla. Shawntel kept saying that she wanted to go out to the ocean after dinner so they could take a picture out on the beach. Well unbeknownst to her, that was already in the “the plan”.

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After dinner they went down the road to Windansea Beach in La Jolla. As the sun was setting, Shawntel and Chase were standing by the water, waiting for Alison to take their picture. All of a sudden Chase turned to Shawntel and said “hey babe”, as Shawntel turned her head, there he was on his knee, holding the most beautiful ring.

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Shawntel apparently jumped about 5 feet away and said “are you serious” nearly 10 times. Tears of happiness were streaming down her face as she said “YES!”

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Chase and Alison did some amazing planning and had a wonderful photographer there at the beach to capture their special moment from start to finish. Truly a memory they will never forget.

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Special Thanks

Demi Johnson
 | Photographer