Shawnacey and Sam

How We Met

Sam and I met in grade 11 Canadian History Class. I (being the talkative person that I am) got moved over to a seat away from Sam. I never really talked to Sam directly, but the group of us (sitting in the back corner in a group of four) started talking and passing notes. The first time I ever talked to Sam was through a note. He passed me a crinkled up piece of paper that said ” Will you date me? ” with a yes or no box underneath it.

Shawnacey's Proposal in Cobequid Educational Centre , Truro, Nova Scotia (High School)

I wrote back ” call me maybe” ( this song was huge then) with my number and a heart around it. I passed the note back to Sam and then maybe two seconds later I got a text message from him saying ” I think I love you”. I have to admit, at first I thought he was weird and laughed it off, haha. The first time he ever asked me to come over was so that he could help me with math, and once I got there, we realized I was in math 12 and he was in math 11 (You can take math 12 in grade 11 at this school).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cobequid Educational Centre , Truro, Nova Scotia (High School)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cobequid Educational Centre , Truro, Nova Scotia (High School)

Our relationship was rocky at first with all things high school drama but we made it to prom together a year later and graduation. We also both went off to Memorial Univerisity together in Newfoundland where we survived our first year of College together. Who knew six years after getting that note that I would be accepting a proposal from the same guy. I am honestly the luckiest person to have gotten to grow up with my best friend and get to continue to grow with him forever!

How They Asked

Sam’s family is all about basketball. His dad played at our high school (CEC) when he attended there, Sam was co-captain in our grade 12 year, Sams brother played on the basketball team at the high school as well and his little sister plays on multiple teams (she will be attending CEC in the fall and will be on the basketball team as well). So, one day after work Sam picked me up and said we had to stop by CEC and get his sister from basketball camp (something she does every summer). I was kind of mad at this idea as I had just gotten off work and had to get ready to head to Cavendish the next day. However, I always love when we go watch his sister play basketball because it brings back all the good high school memories. So we walked into the back of the school where the gym is and heard that basketball was still going. Sam said why don’t we just go for a walk while we wait? I was all up for this idea except it was summer time and the doors to the rest of the school are always locked during this time of year when the school hosts events like this. However, I tried the doors anyways and they were unlocked.

I was super happy when the door pulled opened and gasped and said “Sam its unlocked!” ( little did I know Sam had spoken to the school and had gotten the doors unlocked for us). We tiptoed around the hallways whispering and talking about all our favorite memories of high school. I was being super sneaky and felt like we were doing something risky. Finally, we got to the classroom where I and Sam had met. I pulled Sam by the hand and said: “let’s go in!!!” (Sam said he knew I would do this and was not worried about getting me into the room”). Inside the classroom, Sam and I reenacted how we first met, and stood and took selfies of where our first interactions took place. Finally, after a few minutes of laughing around, Sam said we should go see if his sister was done. I said okay and started to leave the classroom and Sam said: ” too bad we still did not have that note” ( the one that said will you date me).

I agreed and said yeah too bad. Sam said well why don’t we make a new one? (Little did I know Sam had already made a new one that morning and left it lying on the table upside down trying to get me to pick it up but i reached for a small crinkled piece of paper instead and passed it to him and told him to make a new one). As Sam was making our new old note I was still just poking around our classroom. And then all of a sudden Sam goes ” He you go, our new note” . I grabbed it half not really looking and read it really quick. Then I read it again and it hit me. The new note said ” Will you marry me?” and I looked up and Sam was on one knee telling me I was his best friend and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and some other sweet things. I was in such a surprise and shock that the first thing to come out of my mouth was “… wait, is your sister even here!?” (turns out she was’nt, it was all a story to get me into the same room we met 6 years before). Then Sam said you did not answer! and I yelled yes about 100 times. And then I got Sam to re tell me what he said a couple more times so I could relive the moment ( he even went down on his knee again for me hehe).

And that is the story of us! I am super lucky to be getting to marry my best friend and my high school sweet heart.

Proposal in the same classroom we met (2018)

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