Shawna and Shayan

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How We Met

Shayan and I did not meet in a typical fashion, in my opinion anyway. We met on Instagram! A girlfriend and I attended a masked ball in a funky little hippie town near where we live called Eureka Springs. A few days after the party I was trolling Instagram’s #s for photos of the ball ‘#EurekaSprings’ and stumbled upon what I thought was a very handsome face. It was a photo of Shayan. Shayan had also spent the weekend in Eureka Springs and used that #! In a YOLO moment I liked his photo. To my delight he also liked a photo on mine. A few weeks later I had almost forgotten the handsome man from Instagram when I noticed I had a DM from him. We engaged in some text message flirtation until he asked me out on a date. April 28th is day it all began.

how they asked

Shayan, his parents and brother, and myself went on vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexixo.The resort we stayed at, Casa Magna Marriott in Jalisco was breathtaking, full of palm trees, gorgeous colorful blooms and an infinity pool. The resort offered complimentary professional photoshoots. My then boyfriend booked a photoshoot for the whole family! We walked down to the beach a 7pm on the dot but Shayan’s parents and brother were nowhere to be found! I was very concerned, and kept asking Shayan where they were. Maybe they couldn’t find us on the beach or possibly had the time wrong I thought. Shayan, who is always on time and plans out every detail, was not so concerned with the rest of the family not being on time for the shoot. The photographer suggested we take some couple shots until everyone else arrived. I thought nothing of it. We spent the next hour taking photos together. The beach was almost completely empty and the golden hour had just begun. The shoot was very romantic and Shayan was being extra sweet! Around 8:15 or so our photographer said that the sun was about to set so we would take one more photo and call it good. ‘I guess no family shoot’, I thought to myself. Just then Shayan put his finger up and said ‘ I would like to PROPOSE one more picture’…. When I heard the word ‘propose’ my heart skipped a beat but I thought, ‘no way!,’ he isn’t proposing right now. And then sure enough, he got down on one knee and revealed the most breathtaking and sparkly ring I have ever seen. He then said the sweetest and most simple thing, “My love, will you marry me?” Stunned for a moment I took his face in my hands and said “Of course, of course!” and just like that we were engaged! After we enjoyed a few moments alone to take it all in I heard clapping and ‘woo hoos’ I looked up and there were Shayan’s parents and brother coming out of hiding. They had been inside the restaurant on the beach the entire time watching the whole thing! Obviously everyone including the photographer was in on the rouse! My sweet, sneaky fiancé! Everything was perfect and the memory forever captured in the golden hue of the magic hour.

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Shawna and Shayan's Engagement in Puerto Vallarta

Special Thanks

Casa Magna
 | Photographer