Shawna and Kevin

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I had a terribly rough year. We had met at work in Boston, became best friends, fell in love and moved in within 6 months and a year later, we decided to leave Boston for NYC. As we left our home, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Endometriosis and felt as if leaving our life back in New England was a mistake! As I struggled to find work and painfully trek to new doctors appointments in a strange new city, I wished to be back home with our friends and family. One day, a good friend asked if we could make it back to Boston for her birthday celebration. Being out of work with my illness, I was unsure if it was even possible! But Kevin said why not, and arranged for us to spend the weekend in a hotel directly across from our old apartment. He explained I had been having a rough go and that the W Hotel had a spa package he’d gotten for me. After I came back from a morning of pampering, I entered the room which was filled with roses and candles! The Beatles “And I Love Her” played (my childhood favorite) and the rest, as they say, was history! Kevin hired a car to take us around Boston during the first snow of the season. We went to all of the significant places in our relationship, had dinner at a pizza parlor where we first became friends and – much to my surprise – were then taken to our friend’s birthday party…which was actually our engagement party! The whole weekend was magic and my homesickness cured. Now, to plan!

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