Shawna and D'Allen

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How We Met

It was October 28th, 2010, when a group of friends and I walked into Hell’s Kitchen for a album release party that D’Allen was hosting for his album, The Commencement EP. Later that night a mutual friend introduced us. Now, let’s take a quick break, I do not remember his performance! HA! Fast forward to 2012, D’Allen and I went on a trial first date for tacos, it was… okay. Another year goes by and we hung out a little more frequent.

Shawna's Proposal in Vandalia Towers, St. Paul, MN

In December 2013, D’Allen invited me to a show at First Ave (an iconic venue here in Minneapolis, two words, Purple Rain), I STOOD HIM UP! D’Allen loves telling this part of the story. It was cold, I was lazy, and I stood him up. Soon after, we met up for a late dinner and have been together ever since. Over the last 4.5 years, we have created so many great memories, included the birth of our daughter, Harper in 2017.

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how they asked

September 23rd, 2018 my proposal dreams came to life! D’Allen arranged for us to finally take family photos. During the photo session, I was simply excited because Harper was doing well for an active 18th-month-old! After a while, we took a few couple photos and this is where the magic happened! The photographer, Lee, instructed us to just focus on each other.

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We talked, laughed and shared a few kisses and next thing I know, D’Allen was getting down on one knee while expressing his love for me and our family. In the pictures, I look calm, but inside I was shouting for joy! He asked me to be his wife! I honestly don’t remember saying yes, but he said I did!

Special Thanks

Lee Vue
 | Photographer