Shavonne and Sam

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What a weekend it has been!

Sam had a camera and video crew come out to capture the proposal on Friday but since the video will take a couple weeks to get back, I figured I’d share how it all went down!

Let’s start by saying…Sam is quite the romantic! Sam and I had planned on a weekend getaway with a couple of our best friends from NC. I took the day off on Friday to spend time with Miranda and Wes while Sam had to “work”. We made plans with my sister Chanel to go out to the port for dinner and drinks…well…that did end up happening…just not in the order, I expected!

Chanel picked us all up from my house as the plan was to have Sam meet us out after he got off work, around 10 pm. The drive to “dinner” was nerve-wracking! My sister was a speedy Gonzalez (trying to bring me to the spot on time) and was stressing me out. I’ll save you all the details but I’ll chalk it up to…Chanel did not have an enjoyable ride with me..instead…she got yelled at the entire time for her driving…lol…sorry sissy!

Once we made it to the port, Chanel made what I thought was, the wrong turn! The yelling proceeded to happen and I was very firm that she was going the wrong way and needed to turn around. From the back seat, all I could hear was giggles as they knew exactly what was about to happen.

Chanel finally pulled the car over on the side of the road and all I could think was “WHERE ARE WE, TURN AROUND!”. We were out by the water, the sun was about to set and…there was Alaina waiting on the side of the road ready to open my door. Alaina was supposed to be in “Orlando for the day”, but once I saw her…I knew what was going on!

She came to open my door and once she was reaching for my hand…I saw Clayton! “NOW WHAT IS HEEEE DOING HERE” is all I could say! Now I really knew what was going on. My heart was racing, all I could say was “omg I just spent this whole car ride yelling at Chanel”! Alaina walked me over to the water where there was a hand dug heart, filled with rose petals. What a sight to see! The sun was setting, the breeze was warm and I was surrounded by water.

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In the middle of this beautiful heart was a “message in a bottle”. This wasn’t just any message in a bottle though…you see…the bottle was the first bottle of rum that Sam and I ever drank together…and when I say ever…I mean it. This bottle is one that Sam kept for 3 years!

I could barely read this letter because of all the tears flooding my eyes. It was beautiful and so heartfelt. I remember wondering where Sam was in all of this. Then…along came the ambulance with flashing lights (sams a paramedic)! I couldn’t believe what was happening so all I could do was start laughing. I watched this ambulance pull up and then I could hear a recording of sam asking my parents for my hand in marriage! The recording played over the intercom for everyone to hear and boy did it melt my heart!

Behind the ambulance were several cars. I felt like the FBI was coming out to confront me! Out of these vehicles came family and close friends! I couldn’t recognize anyone at first, I was still in shock! My sister from Chicago even flew in with my niece to be part of the proposal!

The next thing I know, I am surrounded by people I love with such a beautiful scenic view all around us. At this point, I had no idea that Sam was standing right behind me. He had come out from the water as he was originally hiding behind a bushy area so I could not see him!

Then… it happened!

Shavonne's Proposal in Surprise Beach

Sam got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! Out of pure joy, he leaped up and picked me up and carried me in the air!

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I still couldn’t believe what was happening! I was so excited, so happy, just so in awe!

Sam brought me over to the ambulance where he hooked up heart monitors to both of us so he could print out our rhythms after such an intense moment!

My rhythm will be used when creating Sams wedding band. It will hold my heart rhythm from that very moment after he asked me to marry him!

I am so excited and happy for our future together. ♡

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