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How We Met

This love story was 12 years in the making! I relocated to Atlanta in August 2004 where I lived with my Mom. Tim lived upstairs from us so I’d see him all the time and thought he was really cute. He drove a really loud sports car that he parked right in front of my window so I knew every time he was coming or going. Anytime we’d see each other in passing I would anticipate him saying something to me but he never did! Then one day a little grasshopper found its way in my room. I put a cup over it and waited for Tim to come home so that I could play the “damsel in distress”. This would be the PERFECT opportunity for him to make his move or so I thought. As soon as I heard him pull up I ran to the door to catch him. When I told him what was going on, he smirked and asked me to show him where the grasshopper was. As soon as he came in, I thought YES this is it! But he captured the grasshopper, released it outside and went on his merry way.

Fast forward to Election Day 2004, Tim was outside with a friend working on his car while I was headed to the store. I told myself that if they were still there by the time I made it back, I was going to say something. Sure enough when I pulled up, they were still outside. As soon as I opened the door, his friend Chris greeted me, introduced himself and asked me if I’d voted. I introduced myself, showed him my “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker and said that he beat me to the punch. Tim introduced himself as TJ but continued to focus his attention on the car. Chris ended up asking to exchange numbers with me so I did expecting that Tim would offer up his number too but he didn’t! Eventually Tim and I became friends and started dating in 2009.

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how they asked

Tim asked me to request off work for a specific set of days because he was a planning a surprise trip for us at the end of January. The thought of us possibly getting engaged on this secret trip certainly did cross my mind and everyone around me seemed to think the same but me knowing Tim, I didn’t believe it would. He’d already expressed that he’d never propose on a holiday or anniversary because it was cliché and expected. Well I thought he’d probably think I would expect a proposal during this trip so in my mind I figured he’d either do it before the trip or after we returned to throw me off. Trip day finally came and I was too excited. Right before we left the house I asked him if I needed to bring my passport and he said no I didn’t need it so I left it behind. While in the car I’d thought up several places I thought we could be going to. We passed the airport exit so I figured we were taking a road trip, WRONG! We headed to one of those park-and-ride places, got on a shuttle and headed to the airport. Now I don’t know what to think.

While we were checking in at the counter, the agent says “You two are checking in for a flight to Dubai?” and Tim said “Yes!” Completely shocked I said “WHAT?!?!? WE’RE GOING TO DUBAI OH MY GOD!?!?! Wait I can’t go because I didn’t bring my passport!?!?!?” Then all of a sudden Tim pulls it out of his pocket. He told me that he knew how much I really wanted to go so he made it happen. I started to get emotional because I was in disbelief and was so grateful. We arrived there late Friday evening and after hanging out until nearly dawn we slept in late on Saturday. When we got up Tim told me that we had dinner plans that evening so I said I wanted to have my makeup done. I took my sweet ole time getting dressed which caused us to leave later than Tim wanted, he was a little agitated. We went from counter to counter and everyone turned me down because I didn’t have an appointment. Feeling completely defeated I told Tim I was ready to just head back to get ready. He responded by talking to the manager at one of the counters to see if he’d be willing to make an exception to squeeze me in. I noticed the guy was scrambling to find an artist but they were all just too busy. Finally Tim gave up and as we started to leave we started bickering because he felt like the outcome may have been different had I been speedy getting dressed. I felt bad because he was aggravated but I didn’t understand why.

Our reservations were at a restaurant on the water called Pierchic. We had to walk across a bridge to get to it. On the way we passed a photographer but because we were in a rush we didn’t stop to take a photo. It was really windy that night so we opted to sit inside and headed to the bar until our table was ready. After sharing a drink and cheers we walked over to our table. It was nestled in the corner where we had a panoramic view of the Burj Al Arab hotel, it was absolutely breathtaking. I had doubts that Tim was even going to propose on this trip but after the day we had, I just knew if it was going to happen in Dubai it wouldn’t be that night. Our conversation was good, we were enjoying the atmosphere, the food and each other. When it was time for dessert, the waiter went into very detailed descriptions of the options. I thought that was a little weird but whatever, Tim and I both made our selections. When the dessert came, I noticed the server was holding this clear globe like dish that had smoke in it to obscure the view inside. He said “This dessert is really special and I hope you enjoy it!” Tim asked me to open it and as I did the smoke started to disappear and revealed a beautiful sparkling ring in a box with red rose petals around it. And I thought “OMG this IS happening!!!” At the same time I saw the ring Tim said “I didn’t bring you all the way to Dubai just for a vacation, I brought you here to ask you to be my wife. Shavon Hunter will you marry me?” I was at a complete loss for words and literally could not speak. I shook my head and said “YES!” Everyone cheered and clapped as we embraced, it was perfect! As the excitement started to die down that’s when the emotions hit me. The couple seated behind us sent us a bottle of champagne so after we toasted, Tim said “I have another surprise for you. We have an appointment to take engagement photos tomorrow. Also a couple of friends are to help us celebrate the rest of the trip.” Then he goes on to say that he hired the photographer that we passed on the way in and that he captured photos of the whole thing.

Tim and I met a photographer the next day and took engagement photos. For the remainder of the trip we hung out with friend, got to ski, went on a dinner cruise, dune bashing, to the top of the Burj Khalifa, dressed in traditional garb and rode a camel. It was THE BEST TRIP EVER!

Like most men, Tim felt that the wedding day is all about the bride so I’ve always made it a point to let him know the engagement is all about the guy. As an Event Planner I was completely floored by the hard work, planning and collaborating Tim did to execute such a perfect proposal for me. All of our family and friends are super excited! We’re planning a fall 2017 wedding in Atlanta.

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