Shavauna and Andre

Proposal Ideas At home lol

How We Met

Me and my best friend were out on New Year’s Eve of 2014, we were drinking and having a good time when this guy that I saw earlier that night came and asked if he can sit by us to start the New Year’s countdown.

He started small conversations and at one moment I realized that he was trying to talk to me and in no way was I interested but when he asked for my number I couldn’t say no. We talked every day after that and then we finally went on a date. Since then we have been stuck like glue with our handsome 4-year-old son.

How They Asked

HE WROTE A BOOK!😍😊 For the longest, he had been telling me about a family book that he was writing and that he was trying to put it together soon so I can read it(he spend all day getting it ready). So while I was in the middle of cooking him his birthday dinner he told me to come over and read the book with our son, I read the whole book it’s a pretty good book by the way and at the end, it said “I have a question for you mama bear, will you Shavauna jolly promise to love me for the rest of the days we shall live? Don’t just smile I need to know if you will marry me? before I could read the whole thing I realized what was happening I started crying it was Soo sweet, beautiful and So thoughtful, now I know why he was recording it.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At home lol

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