Shavanna and Alvin

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How We Met

Alvin and I met when we were 18 years old in a Biology lab in college. He was sitting at a desk minding his business and completing the lab assignment. We were in different classes, I had never seen him before, but he looked like the friendliest person in the room. I plucked down next to him and asked him, with the best smile I could muster, if he could explain the lab to me. Alvin looked at me with a slightly confused and amused look on his face, and proceeded to explain the lab. According to him I had blown him away with my smile and bubbly attitude. We immediately became friends. Unfortunately, we both got busy with life’s twists and turns and went our separate ways.

Fast forward about seven years and he reached out to me once more on Facebook. He asked me to coffee, after refusing a few times,we finally went out for coffee. This time I was the one who was blown away. He strutted up to me with a big smug grin on his face because he knew he had me. The coffee date lasted a lot longer than either of us anticipated; after six hours of delving into our past and dreams for the future I knew I finally got it right. He is the one for me.

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how they asked

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Alvin and I had known we would be getting married probably since the beginning of our relationship. We have such a strong connection that random people on the streets, in shopping malls and even gas stations, often comment on how perfect and content we look. For months we had been discussing the possibility of marriage we had even been looking into wedding rings.

So on the day he proposed he tricked me into trying on rings at Tiffany’s to throw me off. I had considered this day to be the possible day up until that moment. I tried on so many different rings and he kept saying it was helpful to see which style he liked best on my hand. He then took me to a Japanese restaurant that I had been dying to go to. Kobe was amazing, the food was spectacular and I could finally use the Japanese I had been learning in college. All night he told me how much I mean to him. I was blissfully ignorant to what he had planned.

After dinner he said he had a surprise for me. He drove us across the city to VanDusen Gardens, he knew I always wanted to see the Christmas lights there (normally we are too busy during the season to go). We walked casually to through the park pausing only to take pictures. We finally stopped in front of the pond where the lights were sparkling beautifully. I was really excited and started taking so many pictures and mini clips to show our friends. I felt him tap me on the shoulder, I turned around and he was down on one knee in the snow. He started saying something, something romantic and sweet I’m sure but I didn’t hear any of it. I was so shocked, so blown away that it was happening right at that moment I started shaking and saying yes over and over again. He grabbed me in a hug quickly and silenced me by putting the ring on my finger. It was more stunning than I could imagine. I was so happy I could cry, luckily I didn’t. Alvin had one more surprise for me, he had asked a friend of ours, Robin Nuber (a professional photographer) to do an engagement photo shoot.

We spent the rest of the night freezing in the snow and staring into each others eyes as Robin captured every moment.

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Special Thanks

Robin Nuber
 | Photographer