Shavana and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I have going onto 8 years of friendship. He was my best friend from since day one! Simplest way to put it is he was my first love as well as my high school sweetheart! We’ve known each other through mutual family and friends. Of course the day we officially met occurred when he crashed my sweet sixteen party with a family friend of ours who happened to be his best friend along with their other friends. He was so quiet and shy and constantly on his phone but who was paying attention. Towards the end of the night they happened to be the last ones to leave and I just went up to him and I told him I knew him from somewhere (no guys I really did remember him from my families house upstate at a party one year) and he actually spoke to me! At this moment no I did not like him I wasn’t even thinking that far.. I really did remember his face but I didn’t know from where. I then left the party.

He tells me to this very day that he had his eyes on me that entire night (hard to tell since he was on his phone all night) and once I actually spoke to him he tried to find me to communicate more with me. He chose to find me through MySpace but he couldn’t add me since my profile was intensely private and he added my cousin the next day and we saw. As crazy as it sounds I thought he liked her! I left it alone until a few months later he added me on Facebook (I know stalkerish much..thankfully he knew part of my family, so I was ok). I decided to accept him and then he messaged me and we started communicating through Facebook until I gave him my aim (omg that’s how long ago it was) and then eventually after months I built up the courage to give him my phone number. And it was from then I actually started to like this dude. We talked for hours… he literally became my best friend who I can talk to about any and everything. Until eventually a year later we said to each other why are we not together?! (Silly huh .. I know) and the rest became history!….

how they asked

We decided to go on a very last minute vacation which wasn’t an easy one to plan. Two weeks in advance I told him let’s go to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He agreed and it was perfect since we had a timeshare there. This turned out to be our very first trip together to the Caribbean! That was exciting enough… We always spoke about having dinner on the beach watching the sunset and the water.. well this night we did exactly that! And yes I was aware of the dinner…

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We were escorted by our very own butler Gustavo, onto the beach.. there were flowers and a trail in the sand leading up to the beach with a beautiful set up overlooking the water.

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We of course had to Snapchat the amazing view and constantly on our phone at one point I didn’t realize he was texting Gustavo. Gustavo, came back and met us and asked to take pictures of us. It was cloudy that night and the sun set too soon. But literally we were right next to the water everything I always spoke about… We started to take pictures by the water and then we were in our own world. Andrew started to tell me how much he loves me and he sees a bright future with me.

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He asked me if I loved him and if I wanted to do this forever.. at this point I was already emotional with how beautiful everything was. Then he said “well since you want to be with me forever”… and he went into his pocket and went down on one knee and asked me to marry him!!

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Of course I said yes !!.. and of course I cried which I never thought I would!! But it was the most beautiful moment I will always cherish! I’m literally marrying my best friend!

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Special Thanks

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