Shaunna and Nathan


How We Met

We met first day, first class, freshman year of highschool in Mrs. Godwin’s Earth Science class. He swears he knew the first time he saw me that I was it. We became the best of friends right away. Almost failed that class trying to cheat off each other, passing notes, getting caught giggling all the time as two kids who were in love but didn’t know it yet. We went on for years as ‘swear to goodness best friends’. Went to each other’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, family parties any excuse to be together. After high school I moved to Phoenix for college. He came to visit me quite a few times. When he wasn’t there we Skyped or at the very least talked on the phone every night. Finally my third year he moved to Arizona so that we could live together as we had always talked about. Two weeks after moving in, he said “that’s it.. I’m tired of waiting. I want all of you or nothing. I love you.” It’s been two and a half years since he asked me to be his. Ten years since we have been inseparable. And today we are engaged! Who knew science class could start the journey to a happy ever after.

how they asked

He asked me at an abandoned foundation of a house overlooking all of Phoenix. It was out usual ‘escape from the world’ spot. We had pillows and blankets, candels and champaign. He asked me to look for the shiniest star in the sky.. he called me to turn around and there he was on one knee and a gorgeous ring in hand. “How about this star.. Will you marry me?”