Shauni and Connor

How We Met

We both ended up swiping right on Memorial Day weekend, 2016. We talked over the phone for a couple weeks and then finally decided that we would go on a hike. Since he lived so far away, he was coming down to my area to spend the night with his brother, who lived close by, and we ended up grabbing dinner that night. I knew it was love at first sight when he walked into my apartment that night. We had our dinner and then the next day we went on a hike.

Proposal Ideas Stratton, VT

He thought it was going to be easy and that when I was describing it, I was exaggerating it. Well, he will now admit that it was actually as difficult as I was saying. I brought him up a rock slide, to reach the peak of 4,328 ft mountain in the White Mountains, and then continued to peak bag another mountain. I had to make sure he could keep up with me! It was a great hike and a great start to our story.

Shauni and Connor's Engagement in Stratton, VT

how they asked

We had been talking about getting married for some months, more so after we bought a house. We are avid skiers and planned a trip to British Columbia to ski. I know Connor fairly well and knew he was planning it for then. I told him not to propose in Canada, but to make it just any other day. We were skiing at Stratton Mountain in Vermont one Saturday and we had stopped to take a picture of the scenery, and there was a man standing next to us, and he asked him to take a picture of us. Mind you, he had a very nice camera on his shoulder as well. This man starts taking pictures of us and then the next thing I knew Connor was on one knee.

I am a planner and know about most things going on, so when he got down on one knee, I was caught very off guard. He had actually made this a surprise, and it happened in the right moment, because this man happens to be a professional photographer and was in the right place at the right time! After taking many more pictures, we finished our ski day very happy.

Special Thanks

Hubert Schriebl