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How We Met

When I first moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee I was in the process of helping my best friend plan her wedding. She also lived in the city and I spent a lot of time with her in the first months. While she and her husband were on their honeymoon I ventured out to explore. Most days after work I would go workout at the gym down the street from my office. This particular night in April I decided to go to the Casual Pint after my workout. I found out that night was trivia night and decided to play a few rounds.

There was one particular team of guys I kept talking to during the rounds. Eventually, they asked me to join them for the second trivia game. I sat next to this particularly cute guy named Will. He and I flirted the rest of the night and exchanged numbers. I took him to his car that was parked a few streets over and we kissed. I felt that this would be a random night with a boy that I kissed, but boy was I wrong.

My birthday was 2 days later and I had planned on attending the Jason Isbell concert for my birthday to close out what had been one hell of a year. Will texted me that morning saying he had bought a ticket and wanted to know if I wanted some company. He offered to take me to dinner before. I showed up for dinner before the show and that man had gotten a new haircut, a shave, and even had a new shirt on. We spend the night learning about our families, goals in life, and how we had so much in common. The rest of the night was filled with listening to my favorite performer with someone that literally came into my life out of thin air.

how they asked

What would have been an ordinary night out with friends turned into quite literally the best night of my life. Nichole, my best friend, asked all of our friends if we wanted to take her son to see the lights at Opryland. This seemed normal because what 4 year old wouldn’t love massive Christmas trees and decorations? Little did I know, Will and Nichole had been planning for months to have Will propose to me in front of the most beautiful set of lighted trees in Nashville. He had been out to scout the exact place a few weeks prior. His thoughtful nature truly shined through on that night. Surrounded by some of our sweetest couple friends Will got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I had surprised him by buying a new to me car the day prior and he used that in his proposal. “Since you surprised me with a car, I want to surprise you with this ring. Will you marry me?”

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I work as a wedding planner and he couldn’t have picked a more perfect proposal. He then informed that our parents were waiting for us at Pastaria in Nashville and we would be having our engagement party that night. My heart literally exploded. I found the man I had been looking for and nothing could have made me feel more rich than having people I love by my side.

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