Shauna and David

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Granny Castle, Waterford ,Ireland

How We Met

David was my basically part of my family for years. He was always best friends with my brothers Paul, Lee, and Alan. So I grew up with him in my house and always had a crush on him. He is a few years older so he saw me as a little sister for most of my life! As I got more into my teens we had more in common and could chat about things more. We became friends and would generally just chat innocent, random stuff. To him it was just talking but to me it was the best thing on earth and the best news to tell my best friends…

Shauna and David's Engagement in Granny Castle, Waterford ,Ireland

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Granny Castle, Waterford ,Ireland

Which one was his cousin that told him years before this that k fancied him! Awkward! Anyway as I got older we got more flirty and would talk more often and would text all the time. So then I started noticing him change towards me and he told me he liked me. I WAS BUZZING. But even tho it wasn’t easy with him being such a big part of our family and so close to my brothers we took it slow and made sure it was real and it was what we wanted. So between the jigs and the reels we told everyone. My family were supportive and also a bit cautious. We were so happy!! (esp me)

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how they asked

Almost 7 years after we got together, this happened. David is also very ill and we have been through years of hell with his health. He has a chronic kidney disease which has since we got together has had failed kidneys, been on peritoneal dialysis for 8ish months and got a transplant in 2013. He got salmonella in 2015 which he got sepsis and his body started shutting down so was on high dose steroid infusions and tablets for months which stopped the blood supply to his hips and caused avascular necrosis in both hips.

And his transplant kidney to also fail and so he got hip surgery to try help but failed and resulted in a hip replacement in Nov 2018 and back on dialysis soon after. He was in the hospital fighting from January – July this year awaiting his other hip replacement and in excruciating pain and barely mobile.

I’ve been his carer and partner through it all. So as unlucky as he is with his health, we count ourselves lucky to be able to prove to eachother “in sickness and in health” before we even say it in our vows. David planned this proposal with some assistance from his mam and dad and everything he did was more than I could ever dream. We went to the castle ruins that I love to have picnics at and he had a whole picnic under the stars with a playlist of our favorite love songs and candles and champagne and fruit kebabs and strawberries and chocolate sauce and the works! And even tho he only had one hip he still got down on one knee and said the most beautiful things to me while his parents took pictures. He asked me to marry him and I said of course!! his parents left and we stayed and ate and danced and chatted overlooking the river. We then went home and got into our comfy clothes, got a blanket and went to the beach and ate our fruit! It was the best night ever!

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