Shauna and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I went to high school together. I remember being in classes together, but we didn’t become friends until grade 11 when we went on a school trip to Boston. We started talking and texting, and realized we had lots in common (like our affinity for books and movies, nerd culture, and the band Our Lady Peace). When I told him Our Lady Peace was playing a concert at my mom’s house in Sarnia, ON, he thought that was cool so I invited him to come, since I don’t have many friends that are into that kind of music. Despite what my mother will tell you, I invited him down purely as a friend, as I hadn’t had a boyfriend before and did not imagine anything would happen (because it never had before). We had so much fun that weekend on our family beach and at the concert, and when he put his arm around me at the concert when I was cold, I had an explosion of butterflies. Later that night, as we watched a movie on the couch, he held my hand out of nowhere, and I knew that was it. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

After being together for almost nine years, we knew marriage was inevitable. This past year, we bought a house and adopted a dog, so I was not-so-subtly dropping hints as to what our next milestone might be. We’d been talking in “when”s so long, that the idea of proposing almost became an abstract idea. My only request for when he did propose was that I wanted to be surprised. On the first weekend in June, we went to my mom’s house in Sarnia for my favourite local arts festival. We spent the afternoon there, and when we got back to my mom’s house, Cody suggested we take our dog Cash down to the beach for a walk. We were walking along the beach, looking for beach glass like we always do (it’s a big tradition/competition in my family). I found a piece a little farther ahead of Cody and bent down to pick it up. From behind me, I hear him say, “Look what I found”, thinking he scored a coveted rare blue piece. I turn around to see my high school sweetheart down on one knee with a ring box in his hand. It was the easiest question I’ve ever answered. After the initial shock and surprise passed (and he almost forgot to ask the question), I basically yelled yes! We laughed, hugged, kissed and cried tears of absolute joy. We began dating on that beach, he asked me to prom on that beach, and now he’s asked me to be his wife on that beach. He’s my best friend, my favourite person, and the one and only man I ever have and ever will love.

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