Shaun and Savannah

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How We Met

I met Savannah through Twitter in 2014, after a few interactions online throughout the year & running into each other at random places.. we exchanged numbers & one evening she stated that she was going to IHOP & I invited myself lol & we started dating after that night.

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how they asked

I had been planning the proposal since May of this year. My original plan was to propose when we fly down to Miami in November before or after the wedding we’re set to attend but, I thought I’d go back to the same general area of where I took her after our IHOP date.. my hometown of Lavonia, GA! Our 2 year anniversary was the day I proposed.. Savannah is by far the hardest person to surprise, so pulling this off was gonna take some help from her best friend, Ashley, as well as a working alibi from me!

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The day prior to our anniversary I told Savannah that I forgot about my cousins baptism that was happening Sunday morning of our anniversary & I also needed to finish some work up at the studio & that she could sleep in & I’d bring breakfast back before I left out for that! So while I’d be out I told her to hang out with her friend & I’d have something planned for us that afternoon.

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I knew she wouldn’t be expecting for me to propose without her mom being there & it was the perfect set up bc her mom was scheduled to work that day at 3. So I had her best friend set up a fake day date for them in Anderson, SC they were scheduled to leave her best friend Ashley’s place around 2. I had left our apartment an hr prior while Savannah thought I was at the studio doing some work I was at the Gazebo setting up & decorating with my family.

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Ashley told Savannah that she had to stop at the post office before they left which is in the same area as the Gazebo which would give reason for her to go the back way to Anderson instead of taking the interstate..before pulling into the post office she pulled over in front of the Gazebo & pretended she had left something at her house, Savannah totally unaware of what’s going on looks up & sees my family & friends, her mom & Step Dad all at the Gazebo with a runner of purple satin roses waiting for her with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri playing & a picture of us at her mom’s wedding & me waiting at the top of the runner!

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Special Thanks

Kyle Brown
 | Photographer
Ashley Segars
 | Planning
Alisa Brown
 | Planning