Shaun and Alyssa

Shaun and Alyssa's Engagement in Enchanted Christmas Arlington Texas

How We Met

It started out on a dating website called Plenty of Fish. I first saw her pictures and read how involved she was in church. I was very intrigued! Well we got to talking and we hit it off really Well! She ended up going to school in Kennedale TX her whole life and I had at one point back in 1997 gone to elementary school there with her while she was in the 2nd grade however I didn’t know wbo she was. My sister in law Kale also went to school at Kennedale her whole life. Alyssa had a brother named Trey. Alyssa had said Trey graduated in 2013. Trey had been involved in a Drunk Driving accident back on Dec 20 2014. I realized that maybe Kale had known Trey. I asked Kale and she said her best friend Dakota had dated him. I had told Alyssa that my sister in law had a friend who dated Trey and Alyssa said that Dakota is still a family friend. We both grew closer together since we were friends of friends. We had kept talking and I eventually got the guts to ask her on a date. We met for ice cream and a walk at the park. The rest is history!

how they asked

I I created a video of myself going to her brothers grave to ask his permission and along her dad. I also recorded her mother, Grandmother, and Best Friend Dakota to give a little speacb. I put it all together so I could have it to show her before I got down on one knee at Enchanted Christmas Lights in Arlington Texas.

Where to Propose in Enchanted Christmas Arlington Texas

Our Video

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