He Pulled Off the Disney Proposal of Her Dreams

Cinderella's Castle Proposal

how they asked: My beautiful girlfriend Shasta Dooms came home from work last Tuesday expecting me to have dinner ready and us do our daily routine of relaxing and watching the T.V. shows she likes to watch. The minute she got into the house I had our luggage sitting in the hallway with Mickey Mouse sitting on top of it with our flight itinerary. I let her know she had about 10 hours before we were hopping on a plane and heading to Disney World. She hadn’t been since she was a kid so she immediately lit up with excitement. I have had the ring for a few months now and her boss was holding it in her safe. (Thank God because Shasta would have snooped and found it accidentally)

I was a wreck taking it on my carry on knowing she had stuff in my back pack she wanted access to during the flight. We arrive in Disney World on May 27th, a Wednesday and I couldn’t be more excited because the next night I would ask my best friend in the world to marry me. After 5 months of planning and listening to Disney’s “Wishes” soundtrack, (thats the fireworks spectacular at night time I did it at) I knew the song by heart, I knew when the fireworks would go up and I had it timed perfectly. My good friend Tyler Soden who shot the photos lives in Orlando so when I asked him months back he was super excited about it.

I had to carry the ring with me all day that day in a sock tucked in my backpack worrying over and over that she would find it. 9:55 hits and Wishes is about to start, my heart is RACING right now, after talking to the Walt Disney Staff they promised that they would block the walk way so no one could get in the way of the picture in front of Cinderalla’s Castle. 10:13 hit and I looked at Shasta and told her in the most serious way that “I love you”, she replied a little flustered “I love you too” not understanding why I chose that time to be so serious but 10 seconds later I got down on one knee and everyone behind us started yelling and cheering.

It was the best moment of my life, everything worked out so perfect. MY Cinderella really got her wish that night and I couldn’t be more excited to spend the rest of my life with her. Disney World really is a place that dreams come true. I love you Shasta Marie!




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