Sharonne and Ronnie

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How We Met

We met years before we ever dated. Then in April 2013, I went to find some shoes to go with my birthday outfit at JCPenney (his job). He had to help me because I couldn’t get the shoe on. He used a “line” on me, “your man isn’t going to get mad about me touching your feet is he?” I told him that I didn’t have a boyfriend. I went to finish shopping and he stopped me and asked for my number (which I gave of course) and he gave me his. I invited him to come out with me and my girls to celebrate my birthday in May 2013, and this picture is from that date, basically our first date! The rest is history!

How They Asked

Ronnie proposed Christmas night, 2018. I was absolutely shocked and stunned; never saw it coming. Ronnie came in, got on the floor to play with my grandson, or so I thought! He gave my grandson his gift, and I got up to get their gifts. I sat back down and his son Bryson gave me my gift. I opened it and nothing was in it. I didn’t think anything of it, but Ronnie had a surprised look on his face like whatever was supposed to be in there was missing.

I instantly got mad and was about to tell him he needed to go back to wherever he bought whatever was supposed to be in that box the first thing the following morning. Then he comes out of his coat pocket with another box. I opened it to this gorgeous ring and asked was it what I thought it was and if it was a joke, all at the same time! I immediately grabbed him and hugged him (he said I choked him) and I cried tears of joy and tears of wishing my mom was there to see it (she passed September 3, 2017). And of course, I said YES!!