Sharona and Max


How We Met

Max and I met online at in oct. 2014, while i was still living in Israel. Since I haven’t made the decision to move back home, he proposed we stopped speaking as there was no future in sight. Little did we know what was coming! When I finally made the move, two months later, Max saw the update on my Facebook profile, we were still friends on Facebook, something told me not to delete him. Our first date was so easy, it felt so right, our love story began! May 2016, he popped the question :)

how they asked

I knew it was coming, but i had no idea how beautiful it would be! Max has been a romantic since we met, such a gentleman. He had a car pick us up at our house, i knew we were going somewhere special. We arrived at the Boca Raton Hotel Beach Club, headed towards the beach. He whispered, “i chose this spot special for you”, those words ill never forget. We headed down and all i could see where the rose pedals spelling out “Will you marry me”. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! This is the stuff I see on Instagram! I didn’t imagine Max would do this! Blown away, he turned to me, kneeled down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.


Of course I said YES! A photographer was there to catch everything, he made us a whole book! This was a fairytale. Our family came down to the beach, we took photos with everyone and shared our special moment, then we all headed to a restaurant on the top floor of the hotel, overlooking the city. It was amazing!



Special Thanks

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