Sharon and Sergio

How We Met

We met in high school, 7 years ago! I was on our high school’s girls JV soccer team and he was trying out for the Boy’s teams. One day we were on the same field running around, and his cousin was on my team and so he used it as an excuse to go check out the girls running around and that’s when I first saw him. I kept looking at him and he now tells me that he thought something was on his face or something because I kept looking at him Lol. I later that day tried to find him on Facebook and with much success I did! It took some minutes of talking myself into sending the request before I did. I took a leap of faith and sent the request and he accepted it “because I was cute” LOL! We starting messaging on Facebook, and then starting talking in person at school. The more we talked the closer we got, until we became best friends. We were best friends for a year and then on December 18th, 2011 we got together.

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how they asked

May 3rd, 2018 was Sergio’s graduation day from the University of Central Florida, but it turn out to be more than that. After his graduation ceremony, his family and I met up with Sergio to take pictures and congratulate him on his achievements. We all took plenty of photos outside of the CFE Arena, however, Sergio wanted to take more in specific areas on campus that meant the most to him.

We started walking around campus, taking what felt like thousands of photos with the recent graduate. We stopped in front of the flag pole in the heart of Memory Mall to take pictures, where one of my friends met up with us to congratulate Sergio on the graduation. At the time, I did not think much of it because we were also waiting on my parents to come join us to take pictures.

We continued walking around campus, stopping to take photos on the boardwalk. Then walked over to the Student Union to take photos, only to run across a large line of graduates waiting to take photos on the iconic school seal in the center of the Student Union. So, we moved on to the Reflection Pond where we hoped we would get a better shot at taking photos without having to wait in a line. As we waited on my parents to arrive, we talked, joked, and took MORE photos (LOL). I didn’t think much of it because Sergio really wanted my parents to be present at his graduation but they were not able to, so, he opted for them to just meet us afterwards to take photos.

Finally when my parents arrived, they took some quick pictures with Sergio in front of the pond. Then, Sergio wanted to have everyone stand in front of him, but he wanted me next to him, because he had a speech written out to thank his family and me for our support during his time in college. He thanked everyone and then brought up the future, which is when he started speaking directly to me. He than got down on one knee, where I embarrassingly responded in shock “noooooo” (but it was more of a no way this isn’t happening kind of “No” than a actual “NO” LOL) and then I started to cry tears of joy, while he finished asking me to marry him but I don’t really remember hearing it all because I was crying lol but I did said “Yes” while holding back tears of joy.

I’m so happy to be engaged to my best friend, and also, glad that he was able to propose to me in front of our families and it made the day way more special. I can’t wait to marry him!

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