Sharon and Robby

Sharon and Robby's Engagement in Sacre Monte di Crea, Italy

How We Met

We met like many people do, at a local bar. However, it was on my first night as their door person, and Robby is a bartender. We hit it off right away, becoming fast friends and never missing a chance to talk after and before work, and spent more and more time together doing whatever. I knew I had met my soulmate, it was as if we had known each other forever. Two months later he asked me out on what was my first date ever, and the rest is history.

Sharon's Proposal in Sacre Monte di Crea, Italy

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sacre Monte di Crea, Italy

how they asked

Two years after our first date, and many adventures later, on the same hillside that my parents had gotten married thirty three years earlier, with my grandmother’s ring, he asked me to be his wife. Dream come true does not do it justice. Our adventures together have been unforgettable and I cannot wait for all those to come.