Sharon and Mukesh

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We already know the date we have set our wedding for. However I had been waiting for my ring for a while. Birthdays and Christmas all went by and still no ring! We had a booked family holiday to Dubai for new year. I had a feeling he would pop the question on New Year’s Eve. We were at our friends apartment that looked over the Burj Khalifa. During a conversation I had as a joke I said I wouldn’t be happy if he popped the question In front off everyone as I’d get nervous and probably side hug him.

As the evening went on I realised he wasn’t going to propose. Later on I found out that he found out what I said and I’m his words ‘mission aborted.’ Needless to say I felt guilty over what happened. On New Year’s Day Mukesh said we had dinner reservations at somewhere nice. Instantly I had an idea this had to be the evening. Feeling nervous all day we got ready, said bye to our family and children and left for the evening. We got a taxi to Jumeirah beach hotel, took a buggie ride to Pierchic restaurant (which is sooooo beautiful). We walked over the bridge and I knew if he was going to propose it would be on the bridge.

We got seated at a great table looking towards the hotel which gave us the feel that we were alone. Everything was perfect. Towards the end of the meal Mukesh said to me that he had something to say but made a mistake… my heart dropped thinking what! He pretended that he had only bought the box and not the ring. Before opening the box to check he said the most caring words (so special because I always beg him to say nice compliments to me and he never does). I opened the ring box and there was my most amazing ring. I think I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even say yes.. so after a few seconds it registered and then I said yes!

Proposal Ideas Pierchic restaurant, dubai

We then walked back after taking a trillion pics. Caught a taxi and celebrated with our 3 kids and family. Everything was amazing and perfect about that evening. It was private, intimate and no fuss whatsoever. I think even other diners in the restaurant had no idea that I had been proposed to. And we still laugh about why on earth we felt so nervous even though half of our wedding has already been planned. I guess it shows surprise or semi surprise proposals are always special when the other partner knows you so well.

Sharon and Mukesh's Engagement in Pierchic restaurant, dubai

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Amit and Raxa Joshi
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